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Thread: Just got my 17 inch Powerbook!!!

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    Just got my 17 inch Powerbook!!!
    FedEx rocks! They got my Powerbook to me one day ahead of schedule. All I can say is that this thing is nothing short of AWESOME! The sheer size of screen is absolutely amazing. And as for the airport extreme reception, well, it is a lot better than my iBook G4. It's just strange looking at such a big screen since i was used to my 12 inch iBook :p

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    Cool! You finally got it! Enjoy!

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    Nicholas, where did you get your RAM from? I see you have 2 gigs of RAM. Did you order your PB that way?

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    Oh heck no, Apple charges SOOOO much for preinstalled RAM, and it's made by Samsung anyway! Atleast, mine was. No, I ordered from They're the best, in my opinion. Never bought a stick (and I've bought about 20GB worth of RAM from them to date) that was faulty or that didn't work perfectly and was 100% compatible without any problems or hassles. Plus, their phone support is excellent as well, if you ever DID need to call for help.

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