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    new Imac, ibook g4
    Questions about my ibook
    Hello fellow mac users. I have recently purchased an ibook G4 from a friend, and I have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to in the help center.

    i access the internet through an ethernet cable running to my wireless cable modem/router. I am wondering if it is possible to change the setting of my ibook so that when I close my laptop, I don't lose my internet connection.

    Also I was wondering, more like hoping, if there was any way to access the internet wirelessly besides purchasing airport software, because thats wayyy to expensive. aha.

    well I sure hope someone has the answers to my questions, either reply on here or e-mail me at

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    I don't know the answer for your first question, but for your second question I do:
    There's no need to buy airport software, it comes preinstalled in Mac OS X. Does your computer have a built in airport card or do you have airport express/extreme? Or perhaps you meant airport HARDWARE is too expensive?
    Cause if you have airport you don't need to pay for software, specially airport express/extreme cards that come with install cds.

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    new Imac, ibook g4
    yeah i was talkin about the hardware. I'm not completely straight on how airport works. But I was lookin it up online and it was like 200 bucks, i dont know if I was lookin at the right thing or not.


    does anyone know about my first question about the internet connection being terminated when I shut my laptop?

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    When you close your Mac's lid, it goes to sleep. It has to do this because otherwise your case would melt in the heat. I think you want stuff to keep downloading at night, right?

    Well, that's just tough. Leave it open and set it so the screen shuts off but not the hard drive.

    As for Airport:

    1. You need a wireless router connected to your modem. This will SEND the signal. this router can be an Airport Base station or any other standard 802.11b-g station. Just ask at your store. The base station costs a lot, but you can get a non-apple one that's cheaper and works fine as well. Sometimes even better.

    2. Since you have an iBook, you n
    eed an Airport card for around 30-40 dollars. You CANNOT buy an Airport Extreme card (49 bucks on because these are for use in newer Macs only.

    I don't know where you can buy an old Airport card, check with Apple. Maybe someone else here can help out?
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