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    Why is my webcam on when i turn my macbook on?
    This sometimes occurs on my macbook (2.16ghz core2duo, black, 2gb ram, 160gb hd) when i turn it on, the built in isight is "on" since the green light is lit. i thought it was a just a small bug but lately it happens every so often. i need to restart it just to remove it. anyone encountered the same problem?

    *its not really abig deal but i hate people asking if they can see me on my webcam and all when in reality i didnt turn it on.
    more power to mac-forums!

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    Usually happens when you unplug the power supply when the thing is switched off, best to boot on the power then when booted up unplug the power.

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    don't listen to del.. it's big brother watching you...

    hahaha, jk.

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    It's steve jobs and his team of customer relations associates watching you.

    Just like the eerie white light on mac computer products.

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    No, it's a bunch of guys wearing black, clean suits driving black and pink Cadillacs who are watching you. Now be honest: what did you see? What did it look like (the UFO)?? Or perhaps it's the ministry of magic, and the department of muggle relations wants to modify your mind to erase every piece of memory for sighting He Who Must Not Be Named...nah wtf...Voldemort and the Death Eaters!!

    Ok, that really wasn't that funny, so here's the solution to your problem, I read it somewhere and it worked for everyone who had the same problem:
    Hi guys. New member here. I was browsing various forums to find a solution/explaination to the EXACT same problem you described. I have a Macbook Pro and 2 days ago I booted it only to notice that the green iSight light was on even during the Mac OS X startup page. I tried Photobooth and got the same green screen as you did. I did several reboots but had the same issue. I even turned off the Macbook Pro for a few seconds and turned it back on but same problem. I had to shut it down, remove the battery and then put the battery back and try it again. Only then did the iSight turn off. It now works perfectly fine though. I can use it in Photobooth and Yahoo! Messenger. It has not happened again since then. I was thinking that it might have something to do with the Mac OS X 10.4.7 update that I did earlier this week. Did you update too? I've never had the problem before the update.

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    That's happened to my MB a couple of times. It's usually been fixed with a PRAM reset. When your mac is going to turn on, hold Command-Option-P-R until you hear the mac startup sound a second time. =]

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