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Thread: My poor MBP

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    My poor MBP
    Just wanted to share with everyone the rough run my MBP has endured in the past month or so (i hope this section is ok to post this in)

    it all started with the Eject key ejecting itself off my keyboard. which im still waiting for the new keyboard to replace this one.

    my superdrive started playing up, not ejectring disks properly.

    after the new superdrive was fitted the chassis hasnt gone back together correctly and now around the front side of the chassis is a rather largish gap, (which u can see in the first pic below.
    tech said they are very hard to get back together properly, can anyone confirm that?

    and finally culminating in a workmate dropping a pretty thick book on it from about 1.5m height today. so hes now buying me new chassis parts to fix it up.

    so hopefully soon my MBP will be all back to top condition

    yet through all this it has run perfectly, a little slow at times but thats really due me needing to spend some money and drop some more RAM in it.

    pics of dent in chassis, they dont really illustrate the dent that well, its probably 5+mm deep, right on the edge of the HDD, u can see a faint straight edge to the dent, being the edge of the HDD.

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    Ouch.... that sucks. Sorry to hear!

    Must be frustrating.

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    Awwwwww..... poor thing. Hope it gets well soon (with a new casing)!

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    Yeesh! Good thing your friend is willing to pay for the repairs he/she caused. I hope the rest gets corrected as soon as possible for you.

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    i just want to know it the eject key was your fault and how did it fly off like you said.

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    Nov 11, 2006
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    it had been sitting a bit funny on the keyboard, kinda on a bit of angle for a while.
    and finally came off, the one of the little plastic tags that locate it had broken off so couldnt just refit the key.

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