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Thread: Easy RAM Upgrade Questions

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    Cool Easy RAM Upgrade Questions
    Firstly, does upgrading your RAM to non-apple RAM void your apple warranty?

    Secondly, does it matter running 1GB of apple RAM, with 1GB of another brand RAM? Providing they are the same specs...

    Thirdly, I just wanted some feedback from anyone who have used this RAM before:
    - Samsung
    - Techworks
    - Micron Factory
    - OWC
    - Or can you recommend another brand to buy? (In Australia..)

    If I can get away with using a cheaper brand, I will be happy so I just want to know if anyone has had any problems with those brands.

    Lastly, would anyone recommend going to 3GB or is it a bit excessive? I mostly use the MBP for photoshop, general usage, and not really any video editing stuff. Would it make any difference for me or it wouldn't be noticeable?

    Thanks for any help!

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    1. Upgrading your ram does not void your warranty, messing something up while upgrading your ram does void your warranty however.

    2. I'm pretty certain ram is ram no matter what brand you use, so it would't make a difference.

    Sorry I haven't used any of those types of ram before, I have g. skill ram I bought off newegg for cheap and have had no problems with it whatsoever.

    I'm running 2 gigs of ram and find it more than sufficient to run photoshop. Aperture on the other hand can lag on me a little bit from time to time. If photoshop is your most cpu intensive app than 2 is certainly enough, although I wouldn't call 3 gigs excessive.

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    Terrific reply, thanks mate.

    Yeah I looked at newegg but they don't ship to aus. I'll wait and see if any others have had problems with these brands, otherwise I might have to look for somewhere else to buy it from.

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    try im pretty sure they ship world wide and the have excellent ram

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    I just installed 2GB of Patriot RAM today. It was cheap ($80 at Fry's for two 1GB sticks!) and has a lifetime warranty. Not as popular as Crucial or Kingston, but it seems to work well and like I said, it was cheap. (I've got a regular old 13" MacBook though, so I'm probably not in the right forum anyway. Sorry.)

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    Don't worry richy. You can reply in any forum as long as your post is helpful.
    "Live hard, love harder."

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    @kkelly122: I did a quick shop for 1GB and it came to over AUS$90... whereas the Samsung RAM came to about AU$55, so there is a fair bit of difference there. That is why I was keen to see how the RAM i mentioned goes..

    @richy240: Nah that was helpful, appreciate the response.

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