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Thread: Ibook newbie :)

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    Talking Ibook newbie :)
    I have finally decicded to switch over to a mac with a 14" ibook, which I 'm going to order from . Mac-forums has been very helpful in my decision, but I'm wondering, does anybody know how long it takes to arrive from the online store? (There is no apple store close to me). I would like it to arrive before I go on holiday. Also, has anybody had any trouble taking their notebooks through airports?
    I am getting one with an airport card, and I would like to know if anyone can recommend any cheaper wireless bases I can use beacuse I'm going to wait until about christmas to dole out for either airport express or the airport extreme base.
    Also, (Last question, promise) how does the airport card pick up the wireless transmission? I'm wondering if I'm in the airport or in a "Wi-Fi" hotspot if I will be able to connect to the internet (I've heard that in big airports they provide wireless internet connections.)
    Thanks for all the help, Mac-forums!

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    Online store once it ships is usually 2-3 days I think.
    You can get a D-Link, Linksys, Netgear router and they all work fine
    Airport Card works fine...I use mine in LaGuardia Airport and get signals that aren't even protected in there
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    same got in trouble at SFO for trotting around with my Powerbook. Security is really tight these days! thought i could blow up the airport or something when all i was doing was trying to get mac forums to load up!

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    "Also, (Last question, promise) how does the airport card pick up the wireless transmission? I'm wondering if I'm in the airport or in a "Wi-Fi" hotspot if I will be able to connect to the internet (I've heard that in big airports they provide wireless internet connections.)"

    All wi-fi does is replace the cable used to connect to local area networks (LAN) with a wireless signal.

    Now is someone has set up such a network, theoretically you can log on to that wireless LAN. However a wireless LAN can be encrypted so strangers can't log onto your lan (think companies, private documents etc.)

    But since most people use wLAN to connect to the internet and don't bother to encrypt the signal, you can often pick up that signal and surf for free

    Often public places like airports, cafe's etc have set up networks specifically for this purpose.

    That's all there is to it. Just switch on airport, see if it finds a network and bingo, you conenct to it and provided that network is hooked up to the internet you can go online!

    Tip: Use the freeware macstumbler (google for it) to find networks that are relatively weak or encrypted and can't be found by the airport software

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    I have the iBook 14" and its great, the antenna is in the left side of the display (thats what every place says i have read about it) and on the menu bar at the top, near the clock.. there is an airport icon if you enable it (it came on mine) and if i click it, theres a list of wireless networks found, and i just click which one i want

    i found 3 using it in my dads car, one called secret nuclear base

    all wep though
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    I use a Linksys WAP54G (no router, just an access point -- I already have a router configured...) and it works great! =)

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    Thanks everybody, for replying and all the help!

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