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Thread: Burning cd/dvs in my Ibook using my Imac as an external Cd/DVD burner

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    Exclamation Burning cd/dvs in my Ibook using my Imac as an external Cd/DVD burner
    Is there a way that i can use my Imac's Optical Drive to burn cd/dvd's in my ibook (just like i would use an external drive).
    Right now I have no use for my Imac since the graphics card is screwed, so maybe if I connect them through firewire there could be a possibility that i can use the Imac's Superdrive to burn discs on my Ibook.

    If someone knows please help.

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    It was already suggested that you connect them via firewire in your first thread regarding this matter. Have you tried it? If so, the result should be continued in that thread.

    Posting the same question multiple times will not get very many new responses if members see you are not willing to try what has already been suggested.
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