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    I need Appleworks!
    I recently bought a basically new 15" powerbook off ebay from a guy who lives close to me. He reformatted it, so it was as new. But when I got it, thre was no appleworks installed on it? How would I go about getting it again? a large report is due in 2 days. If i need to use the software restore cd's could you guys please give me some directions?

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    AppleWorks does not come with PowerBooks
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    BLAA! crap!!! i didn't know that. i was just thinking of my old ibook, cuase it came with it.

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    Try TextEdit. It's not too great, but it seems to be all you got at the moment. Either that, or find some illegal way to get Microsoft Word or Appleworks, like with Poisoned.

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    I had Appleworks on my ibook and copied to my new Powerbook. My Powerbook came with QuickBooks NU (new user) and a demo of Office. First thing I did was trash the demo for Office. I did not have cables to hook the iBook and PowerBook together so I used the storage in my digital camera (512meg), it just started iPhoto when it was plugged in but worked good. I also moved some other files over the same way.

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    is the pbook in good conditions??....i've been attracted to buying a pbook from ebay, but not sure!! i think i might go with a Refurb at

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