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Thread: Sharing Files Between xp & os x panther

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    Sharing Files Between xp & os x panther
    Hi people i have my mac going through a router into the net - my xp (professional) machine is connected to the router aswell

    I want to be able to share files between both (i have enabled sharing on the folder that i want to share)

    But when i go to finder and type in my ip address it doesnt work

    anyone help

    i have an ibook

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    When you connect to the PC in finder you have to go smb://IP Address
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    i can not seem to connect to the pc - the operation times out

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    you should make sure the pc is set up for networking, usually as soon as you plug an ethernet cable in, it should be active. You dont have a firewall installed on the pc do you? that blocks networking as i found out the other night when i brought my mac into work to retrieve so files from a pc, couldnt connect, so when i went to check the pc, noticed there was a firewall active so knocked it off and was able to connect.

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    You also have to make sure your Windows workgroup name and OSX host name are the same. This method will allow you to see the Windows network from the Network tab in Finder.

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    All I do is connect both computers to the router and share the desired folder in windows (under properties).
    In Finder in the Mac, just double-click the computer's name and select the shared folder you want to mount. There you have it.

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    i want to do this too...but does it have to be connect to the router with a wire? i want to share while being wireless.
    also...if step by step is possible, i would really appreciate it.
    thank you

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