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    12" 1.33 GHz PowerBook w/SuperDrive, 60GB HDD, 1.25G RAM.
    My 1.33GHz PowerBook Vs My 2.8GHz Acer
    Hi there, i've been a bit busy this morning editing some video footage footage down, and when i went to do the second tape, i thought i'll try and compare my new powerbook to my acer laptop. My powerbook has the ram maxed out at 1.25GB, my acer has 1GB of ram. I took 20mins of the tape and pulled it through the acer before compiling the clips, then i pulled the same 20 mins through my powerbook, and i gave the acer a 5 second head start when i dragged the clips onto the timeline(i'm using moviemaker2), then i did the same with the PowerBook using iMovie.

    Right, the comparisons:

    The PowerBook took maybe a second to compile all the clips into the timeline, no rendering whatsoever.

    The Acer took roughly 11 mins to render 20mins of footage before it compiled the clips into the timeline.

    So if anybody is not sure about getting a mac and you have questions, i hope this answers one for you, and before you might i'm biased, i'm a longtime windows user, and i'll carry on using windows for certain thing, but yes, i love my PowerBook.

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    That my friend is the power of Macs. Now try Warcraft 3 on both machines and see which runs better. .

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    RAM is the speed of the mac.

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    Yeah, and I"m still using 512..

    AOL sent me 128mb of ram for free, just I don't think it would work unless I have another 128mb chip, but eh. I'm going to buy another 512 strip and a 1gb strip sometime this summer.

    But this thing still runs like a champ with just 512, so no complaints

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