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    New MacBook.. FINALLY Happy!
    I moved to using Mac's in the beginning of April. I work in IT and have always been a big Windows and Linux guy. It seemed to me like I was always working on them instead of enjoying them. So I finally switched, I moved all my home PC's to Mac.

    I first bought a MacBook, I liked it a lot but I had the itch to try the MacBook pro. So I sold my MacBook and bought the MacBook Pro. Loved the extra screen space etc, but I was always worried I was going to damage the case, and I was having major problems with heat. A few trips to the Apple Store later, they told me they were going to replace the machine. (it was a new Santa Rosa with 4 gigs, etc) My replacement machine came brand new out of the box with a bad power button, and the new machine never powered on. At this point I was frustrated, this is just what I was trying to avoid. I decided to give it one more shot, figured I gave PC's 11 years, I could give Apple a couple more days. I went back to the Apple Store and was given a refund for my machine. They were very helpful and nice, I have never dealt with a company that has tried to hard to keep the customer happy.

    Anyway, I decided to try a MacBook one last time, my first one was great it was just by greed for more power that drove me to the Pro. I don't do anything that requires the extra vid memory, so decided MacBook for sure. This is where Apple gets a customer for life. When I went back and bought my new MacBook the manager came up and gave me 10% of my MacBook! He was very apologetic for all my hassles, and said he appreciated my continued business. I used the money I saved and bought myself an iPhone!!

    So here is what I got:

    Black MacBook (just like my wifes) 2.16, 2 gigs of Memory and a user replaced 250 gig hard drive. I am VERY happy with this machine. It is clean sleek and fast. I have been fighting with Mac's for a couple of months, and also gave up. I am very happy now that I was patient.

    Thanks to everyone on these boards for all your advice and posting your Apple issues and resolutions, it has helped me stay patient and get this machine that I am very happy with.

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    It was good to read about your good customer support experience. I haven't had any problem with my MacBook that would require me to experience asking Apple Care. Good stuff!

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    Good to see your perseverance payed out for you, enjoy your new gadgets.

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    I guess i'm speaking for all the members when I congratulate you for sticking with Mac! best decision ever besides getting married. I had been PC user for over 15 years until I gathered some money and bought my first MB. I don't think i'll go back to PC... at least not now or 5 or 10 years from now. I did have some heating problems and battery problems, but after recalibrating the battery and using some fanspeed control program I'm happy again. Good luck with your MB
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    Great job man on your new macbook, you are gonna love it forever!!!


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    Bought my PowerMac G4 in 2003.
    Have been a Mac User since.
    It recently died though and I'm looking for a Macbook.
    And it's great to hear you stuck with it.

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    Gratz man!
    -If you're still bragging about what you did yesterday, then you haven't accomplished anything today!

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    I will start off saying hi and be gentle im a new Mac user as well after 15+ years of PC. Must say neva held or even seen a Mac book till today and since getting home could not put it down, Fast sleek and so easy to learn and operate it dident take long to get things up and running, Mainley purchased it for work surfing the net (i work offshore) and basic video editing. If it grabs me the desk top will be flicked for a 24" imac... Purchased the combo drive 2.1gHz with 2 gig ram which will be plenty for what i want out of it. I have seen that this model can have the DVD burner upgraded internally is this correct if i want to travel down this path later, Being doing so much reading on here last couple of hours its been to

    Great product for the price....

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