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Thread: battery not charging

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    battery not charging
    Okay, so I've had my macbook for about a year now. My power card started to fall apart at the magnetic end, and the other day it gave way and fell apart. So i called apple and they said that since I had a few days left on my warrany, I could get a new one for free. But since my computer couldn't turn on, they guy said I had to take the battery off from the bottom to get the serial number. I put it back and thought nothing of it. Today when I received my new power card, I noticed that the battery charge is staying at 3%, and its merely maintaining and not charging. If I unplug it, it immediately goes to sleep until I plug it back in. Also, when I press the little buttons on the battery, they do still illuminate, if that means anything. I hate to think I messed the battery up by merely doing what the guy said.

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    i think you're actual battery in your mac needs replacing ring them up again!

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    You should considering replace your actual Mac Battery; if not then try removing it and putting it back in place. Good Luck
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