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    pbook 1.33 or 1.25 ?
    Guys i'm deciding on an old 1.25 15" pbook (with backlit keyboard, superdrive, etc.) or a new 1.33 15" (combo drive, 60 gb HD etc.), the first one i can get it for about $1,899 (on the Special Deals at and the other one for $1,999 (normal price at too)

    so which one would you choose......i'm a little bit unsure on which one to get......the 1.25 looks very comes it superdrive, backlit, 80 gb HD, pretty much what you ggot on the 1.5 Now, but it's refurbished....and even tho refurbs sometimes work great, you can get a lemon...which would s*ck and i think i have MORE possibilities of getting a BAD refurb than a bad Brand new 1.33

    but i don't know.....what do you guys think??.....which one would you recommend??

    thanks again guys!

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    If I was choosing, I would pick the 1.33, cause its new for a 100 Bux, but refurbs are fine and have the same backing etc

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    new or refurbished
    Refurbished computers go through a examinations that is very good and everything has to meet the same specs as any other computer. They come with new warranties and you can get applecare for it.

    There are differences in the computers. The new version is a little faster (ghz), bigger change is the front side cache is also faster and this is what really helps, and there is more video ram.

    I looked at both the old and new 12" and in the end bought the new version and I had a chance to play with both for a while and I found that the new version was significantly faster for a lot of tasks.

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    i know what you mean lzasitko, in the 12" models the new one is much more worthy than the previous 12" but on the 15" the league is tougher..... i still don't know man! .......they only thing holding me back is the refurb thing............because while some say they rock, and they are great computers, and go through examination process, a lot of other refurb computers say they suck, and they came with something wrong so i don't know!!

    my heart tells me to go for the Refurb.....but i don't know!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeytpg
    my heart tells me to go for the Refurb.....but i don't know!!

    i got a refurb 15" 1.25 and it has had less problems than people that i know who have gotten brand new 1.25s and dead pixels, no spots on the screen. i would go with the refurb because i think the DVD and backlit keyboard, and the extra 20 gigs HD space are definately worth having and that 80 mhz isnt that big of a speed bump.

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    which to buy
    On you can decide which to buy. I live in Canada so I can't get the reburbished up here. Well technically I can if I order it out of the states. Problem with that route is that I would have to pay the exchange on money (our dollar is around 73 cents US right now), the import duties, the brokerage fees, taxes for both federal and provicial. By the time it is all done I am far better buying new. Now for someone that lives in the States I imagine it is a lot easier and you can get some good deals with refurbished.

    As I said they have to pass all the same tests. These might also be customer returns, like the 1ghz PB rev b that I had for 4 days. I had to pay a small fee (restocking) and the difference between the two. They said that it would be going back to Apple and will likely be sold as refurbished. Absolutly nothing wrong with it, no scratches or marks or anything. But I am still glad that I did take it back and get the 1.33ghz the speed alone was worth it but I got the superdrive also which is all good.

    Only you can decide on how you want to go, go for whatever is the most comfortable for you. If you are hesitating with it being refurbished go new, either way you will be happy.....

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