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    G3 iBook shutdowns and won't startup

    I've recently had my hard drive replaced by a professional Apple Repair company in my 14" G3 iBook. Since then, after the computer's been on for around seven minutes it just turns itself off. Nothing will turn it on again. I have to leave it alone for around 12 hours before it will turn on again, and then the same thing happens.

    The battery is full, I've tried it plugged in to the mains and I've reset the PRAM - nothing makes a difference. It's only started since my hard drive was replaced.

    Does anyone have any ideas before I take it back to the people who installed my hard drive - they reckon it's nothing to do with them and I'm sure they'll try to get me to pay for them to look at it.


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    I would take it back to the gang that installed the hard drive. My guess would be a heat problem.
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