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Thread: CD stuck!

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    Unhappy CD stuck!
    I have inserted a cd into my superdrive and me Powerbook failed to recognise it and in turn does not allow me to eject it!

    Can anyone help?

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    From the MAC HELP....

    First, quit all applications that are using files on the disc. Then try one of these alternate methods:

    Choose Apple menu > Restart and hold the mouse key down until the disc ejects.


    Use Open Firmware to eject the disc if all other methods fail (this may not work on all computers). To use this method, you have to start up and briefly use the computer using Open Firmware, not the standard Mac OS X desktop. This is a simple procedure-try it if you're feeling adventurous. (Instructions in your help)

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    Also you can try pressing and holding the f12 key, until it ejects.
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    I had this with my iBook, but I got it out with holding the F12 key

    does it show up in the disk utility?
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    Thanks all but I am the biggest dumbass around. My Powerbook has an eject!

    Oh well I guess i should maybe open my eyes next time!

    All this technology and they had to hide the eject button from me!


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