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    Is it powerful enough for me?
    I'm pretty much 90% sure I want a Macbook Pro for my next computer, but have just a quick question about it. Will it be powerful enough to run music editing software, along with programs like Photoshop? I need a machine that can handle music editing and graphic design, will the MBP be enough to handle this? What kind of specs should it be running? Also one last thing, should I wait until Leopard to purchase it? Thanks.

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    Depends what kind of music software you'll be running but a general answer would be yes. The same for Photoshop. The MBP is a powerful machine so it should be able to handle them with no problems. The performance might get a bit iffy if you begin working with HD video but everything else other than that should be fine.

    As for waiting for Leopard, that's up to you. Can you wait that long? I think it's supposed to be released in October. I'm impatient so I'm getting my MBP now.

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    Does anybody know if it will be easy to upgrade to Leopard? How much will it cost?

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    My guess is that if any laptop can handle your music editing, and Photoshop needs, it's going to be a MBP. It's kind of exactly what they are designed to handle.

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    I run both Photoshop CS3 and Ableton Live, which if you don't know is a music production enviroment. I have run them both at the same with little to no slow down. Usually I am making a song or mixing and get some insperation in Photoshop, so I fire it up while Ableton Live is still running, playing the song.

    Suffice to say, I don't think you will have any problems.

    Hope that helps!
    masakatsu agatsu


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