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Thread: sleep questions

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    sleep questions
    hi, i'm sort've confused regarding the sleep function of the new macbook pros.

    i like to fall asleep while either listening to music and watching movies. the only problem with this is that i don't want to leave the computer on all night, i want it to turn off or sleep at some point. now, if i'm playing music in itunes and i set my sleep timer for let's say, an hour...but music will still be playing after an hour, will the computer put itself to sleep even while music is still playing and there is hard drive access every now and again?

    thanks for answering!

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    go into preferences and set the sleep time you like for the computer. When the computer goes to sleep it will then run on a SMALL amount of the power required to keep it operational, then it will stop running other programs like... itunes and what not. When the computer puts itself to sleep the programs will be stopped, although you can have the DISPLAY put to sleep and still have the programs running in the background.
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