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    Question Battery Icon Missing
    Hi, ive had a look around the forum and can't find anything on this so i was wondering if anyone could help?! . . .

    Ive had my macbook for a good 5 months now, and just lately the little battery icon on the top right has gone missing and i don't know how to get it back! This is very frustrating because i can't find out the amount of charge in my battery easily.

    The battery is noway as good as it used to be, one day it just went rubbish and it hasn't come back since! according to istat & coconut battery the health is 52% and a couple of days before it was 96%

    And the last little thing is that every so often the light on the magsafe dims so i can't see it. Ive installed the battery update & let it fully discharge and recharged it again but still no joy! any ideas?!

    Many Thanks

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    Hmm, that seems very strange. What is the Charge Cycle Count on that battery? You can check this on your iStat widget or with System Profiler.

    Anyways, to get the battery icon back you need to go to..
    System Preferences > Energy Saver
    Click on the "Show Options" button, then the "Options" tab, then check off the box that says "Show battery status in the icon bar."

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    ahhh, thanks for that, its done 99 cycles so far, but i do use the battery a fare bit because of my work

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