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Thread: 12" ibook questions

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    12" ibook questions
    Hi i've been browsing the forums for the past few weeks and been trying to get as much info about the ibooks as possible before i decide if its the right laptop for me, so far things are looking good but there are a few questions i still have unanswered and so i was hoping someone might be able to answer them . Also as a note the 12" ibook is at the peak of my budget, for what im needing it for i dont feel i need a powerful machine and i know a pc of comparible price can easily do these tasks however from what ive seen apple seen to give you a more quality product for your money and since unlike desktops there is little chance of building my own id like to get the most i can for my money.

    1)Although its not going to be its primary use as i'll be using it alot when travelling im wanting to use it for DVDs, is the 12" screen a big setback for this or not much of a problem, also how much noise does the unit make during playback (fan noise and dvd drive), is it a noisy machine in general?

    2)Another main use for it is going to be storing and organising/displaying digital camera pictures, although i wont be using it for photo editing i may want to use photoshop occasionally for things like redeye reduction where a cammera has missed it, although on its own this shouldnt take up a huge amount of RAM(even with a few windows open and mp3 player on) im not sure how much mac OSX takes, is it much like PCs with XP you'll pretty much need 512Mb for decent performance and manufactures just provide you with less to get you to upgrade/for a sick sense of satisfaction or will it run fine on the 256Mb base?

    3)Forgetting about technical speeds will it run smoothly with min loading times for most standard apps, i've heard alot of people highlighting how the g4 is based on a very out-of-date architecture from a few years back so will it compare with a similar priced pc laptop or with an older laptop of similar spec (say a 1ghz p3)?

    4)Although i dont intend to use it for gaming it would be nice to know theres a possibility of installing a game or two for when bored will it be able to run decent older games like quake 3, neverwinter nights etc

    Lastly i did have a mac before but this was about 8 years about (old power mac), this was around the time of quake 2 if im right with halflife not too far in the future however most games weren't being ported to the mac at this point so it had some origional games, in perticular a game called Marathon, does anyone know if you can still buy it / if there was any more recent versions released in the past few years?

    Thx for any help anyone can give and if i think of anything else i'll be sure to ask

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    For the uses you list, a 12 iBook would be excellent. There is no noise at all, in fact no sound from drives that I know, the fan I have never heard, but it can't be much. The G4 would blast compared to a P3 1 Ghz - much faster system bus (though the Powerbook is a bit more) But that is a moot point seeing as a G5 is not yet in anything but the Power Mac tower The 12 screen seems fine to me. I make a point of using the 12 books in the store just to make sure I will like it when I get mine

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    thx alot for the info. Its looking good then, i was worried about sound as most lower priced laptops ive used seem to make alot of noise, esp. with a dvd running so its good to see apple making their systems a bit better . Also il try and take your advice about trying it out, not sure i'll be able to test the exact model but hopefully be able to find a 12" apple from one of the generations of PB or ibook locally to see how the screen is (only place locally that might have them is pcworld, but seem to only have older models according to the net).

    edit: just had a check on the pc world sire and it looks like they've updated their stock with the new generations in the past few days so i might be able to test the 12" 1 ghz ibook after all, think i'd still buy direct though as il prob still get airport extreme and bluetooth as its less than a hundred pound upgrade and should be worth the cash in the long run.

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    I have a G3 iBook, and it is the best travel mate . no loud sounds or any thing like that, Long battery life ok for the sometimes photoshop use.

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