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    Connecting to the net
    Ok, i have been trying diffrent settings for 2 days now trying to get my PB to get online. I tried DHCP with no success saying i have a "generated IP" or something and i "may not be able to connect."
    I never could connect using DHCP anyways.
    Before i used to connect manually entering my info. So i tried that, no success. Its the correct info to my knowledge seeing iplug it right into my Pc and bam my Pc can get online.

    In the network settings the light turns green and says im connected with IP so and so, yet i am really not connected.

    WTF is going on?
    Also i was just online with it the other day using the same info.
    I have a router, did i uncheck something or change something that involves connecting with a router?


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    Ok.. What type of connection you connecting to? Hmm.. a router, so this could be one of the following.... is it DSL, Cable Modem or ADSL?

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    its weird, i was about to rip the damn ethernet from the wall i was so pissed then it works. it randomly works. i unplug it and bam it wont work for a couple hours... lame.

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    If you are switching the plug between PC and Mac i suggest you unplug the cable modem to reset it when you switch between the two...this allows each of them to acquire the IP and DHCP from the modem as it connects
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    I plugged my ethernet cable into my powerbook and was able to connect to the internet without setting anything. I'm on adsl and using a router between 3 computers.

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    i had the same problem with my PB ti....

    i have cable too .....i have a pc and a mac i took the same numbers from my pc and wrote it to my mac and it connected , that was the only solution .....

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