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citystar2k 05-29-2004 05:22 PM

Got a great rucksack to carry my 12" powerbook around.
Hi, i just bought a really good rucksack for me to carry my powerbook around with me from eBay. It's a LowePro TX 1300. It really comfy to wear, it doesnt say it's specifically for powerbooks, but the pouch inside the bag is just perfect for the powerbook, cant believe i got it so cheap too. I'm not sure about getting it over in the US, but for those who are based in the Uk like myself, here's the link for the Ebay Seller . 30 including postage and packaging is a real bargain.

lzasitko 05-30-2004 01:24 PM

Lowepro is a very good make. I have used their camera bags for years and never a problem with any of them and even the oldest that I have (10+ years) still looks good. It should stand up for a long time.

When I bought my PowerBook they gave me a Marware Sportfolio II. Not a bad case but no room for anything other then the computer and possibly some flat paper. There is a zippered back that you can put other stuff in but it looks lumpy :D Made out of neoprene and has plastic inserts front and rear so protection is good for some parts but the neoprene used is pretty thin, but hey it looks good :) Mine is blue and black.

I bought a Booq bag off spymac for a good price ($20US). It has a exterior made of fabric much like the Lowpro and has 1/2" of higher density foam all around the computer so should provide pretty good protection. Again, not a lot of extra storage but the zippered pouch on the front flap is large enough to hold a power supply and maybe a small mouse, another zippered pouch on the back for papers etc. In all a pretty good bag. The one that I have is black on black.

Is the bag that you got padded? Web site does say it is but how padding? If not you might be wise to get a sleeve of some sort to provide more protection. At lease you have more than enough storage space which mine lack but then mine is much smaller than a pack :D

citystar2k 05-30-2004 01:49 PM

It is padded, but i did buy a tucano neoprene sleeve for the ibook to give it that little more protection. The main reasons for me getting this bag is, one, it's a rucksack, so i can sneak my powerbook into work when i'm on nights so the managers dont suspect, and two, it'll be very sturdy enough for long haul flights and enough room to carry the little things i need on a plane, magazines, gum, water, etc.

lzasitko 05-30-2004 09:42 PM

I agree that sometimes there should be a bit more thought in some bags. I would rather have a slightly larger case for the little things like the power supply and a usb mouse and a cable or two. If some of them made the case a couple inches longer they could have the Power supply etc in the bottom, nice and neat.

I do have a larger targus that I used for the PC when it was around and if I need more space I can take it but it is much larger. Oh well, can't have it both ways :(

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