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    iBook G4 Display
    I'm a new Mac user, and I just had a couple of questions regarding my new iBook G4. First, the colors on the display don't seem to be as deep as the colors on other displays I've seen. The wallpaper color seems to be lighter and not the same color of blue i've seen in other Macs. Perhaps it's just because it's a notebook and the display isn't the same as an iMac?

    Also, my display tends to get lighter and brighter near the bottom of the display. Normally this isn't too noticeable unless i'm on a dark colored website, and then you can see the color get brighter down the page. I thought at first it was the angle at which I was viewing the screen, but I've since discovered that the angle doesn't matter.

    I'm not complaining, I'm just curious about my display. I'm assuming this is all normal, but if not, I would like to know about it. Thanks.

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    this is adjustable, of course.
    go system preferences > display > color (tab) > and set to iBook, or one that looks good. or go ahead and calibrate to perfection.

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    i just calibrated my own monitor and it looks much better. highly recommended.

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