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    Unhappy Battery Dies Before It Should: After 20 minutes
    My TI Powerbook has started giving me the "you are about to run out of power" message when I have only been using it for 20 minutes and when the indicator says "70% left". It then goes to sleep and when I power it up, it says "0%" until it hits (after only about 30 minutes) 100% charged. I have tried this with two different batteries (one is only a month old) and the same thing happens.

    Any ideas on how to fix?


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    Quote Originally Posted by jreinnoldt

    Any ideas on how to fix?

    my powerbook will do this when im doing things like burning a dvd..are you doing anything like that by any chance? even so it shouldnt run out in 20 could try recalibrating your battery and changing energy saver settings, etc in system prefs and see if that does anything...

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    How to recalibrate the battery?
    Nothing unusual being done. Even if it is in 'sleep mode" it still does this after I power up. I don't think it is a battery problems because it happens to two batteries. How do you recalibrate a battery in any case?

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    try Resetting the PRAM: When booting, hold down Command-Shift-P-R and wait for the triple startup chimes.

    Let the battery charge overnight with the powerbook off. Turn on the computer in the morning and let the battery run all the way down til it puts itself in sleep mode before plugging it back in
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