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    Ibook clamshell recommendation
    I was looking at getting an Ibook clamshell 300mhz portable but I was wanting opinions on it first.

    I've been using my girlfriends Toshiba laptop lately & really enjoy the portability but do prefer Apple systems.

    Things I don't like about the Toshiba are that it has a noisey fan, has tinny speakers & is quite heavy, how is the book in comparison?

    Also, are there any free programs I can use to record audio onto the mac then divide the audio file into sections. Also what can I use for midi sequencing?


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    i think basically all laptop speakers are a bit tinny, look at headphones to remedy that..

    i'm not sure if the clamshell will be enough for your needs though, esp. since i think you'd have to use os9 on it..(??) and are used to a fairly current pc (i'm also guessing here)

    maybe look into a refurb 800 last version ibook.

    For advice on auio progs

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