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    noise from magsafe after charging
    when my laptop has a full charge and the magsafe is plugged in im getting a faint squeaking noise from where the plug connects to the computer. the noise is coming from inside the computer itself not the charger, its a continuous high pitched squeaking noise that almost sounds like a squeaky wheel spinning around on a toy car or something. i first noticed the noise in imovie and garage band because the microphone , being right next to it, picks up the sound very clearly and i was then able to trace it back to the plug. the noise doesnt happen while the computer is charging, only when the plug is connected and the computer has full charge. on top of that, i also have a squeaky space bar, a somewhat loose button on the touchpad, and a noisy harddrive. this is all on a one week old macbook pro. i seriously doubt it but is this enough to get my unit replaced, or am i just going to have to take it in and have it ripped apart and pieced together with new parts? thanks.

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    processor whine. most people have it with the c2d's
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    How does the magsafe affect that? I can make the niose stop and start again by puling out the charger, and its coming right by where the charger plugs in not from somewhere else in the depths of the computer, im not saying your wrong i am just naive.

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    As with anything questionable, take in to be looked at.

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    As xstep said, take the machine in to be looked at. I had a defective "g" key that would only work part of the time (about half). While it hadn't totally failed, it was very annoying. The geniuses replaced it without question and I had my computer back within three days of dropping it off. You don't want to be a year down the road when something fails and then have to pay for a new keyboard and mouse button. I was initially put off by the quality control on the hardware, but otherwise love this machine, which has not had any other major issues in the past 10 months.

    I've heard about noisy hard drives in some of the newer MBP's, and as long as it's not clicking on you and/or the system's not lagging/crashing, it's probably alright, but tell them just to be sure.

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    thanks, I think I will take it in soon, mainly to get the space bar fixed which is pretty annoying. I agree with you as far as the quality control goes, in addition to everything else I mentioned my lower case seems to warped and it creates an edge between the metal lower case and the plastic trim that runs along the top of it but only on the left side and front left corner. None of it is that major its just frustrating to spend this much and find so many hardware issues, especially when they probably wont do anything about the majority of them, but o well it does seem to be working fine and it is very fast.

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