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    Exclamation Macbook won't start up - blank screen
    Hi everyone!

    I bought my macbook last july and so far have had various problems including the random shutdown syndrome (which was repaired by a lovely apple technician) and this time round, my beloved macbook won't start up.

    This problem only occurred after I downloaded software upgrades for roughly six different programs which took about 1/2 a day to install. Unfortunately I can't remember what they were, but had to do with improving the stability and functioning system

    When i press the on button, the start up sounds and front light are exactly the same but the screen remains black and non-responsive. I've held it down for about 10 seconds and nothing happens except that the light flashes.

    I've tried suggestions raised in other related threads: taking the battery out and pressing the on button for ten seconds followed by replacing the battery again. nothing. took the battery out, put the power plug in and ran it off the adapter. nothing!

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? And any advice?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums!

    Have you tried resetting the PRAM?

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    Thanks MacHeadCase for the welcome and the advice

    I just reset the PRAM. there was no grey screen and after the second start up sound (which was much louder than the first start up sound), I released the keys and still nothing.

    any other ideas?

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    Grab your installation CD, pop that in and see if your MB will boot from it. If not, given that you bought it in July of last year and we are now running out of June, you need to contact Apple, soon!

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    Thanks guys for the replies.

    Just to let you know, I took the machine to Apple and it turned out that the logic board needed replacing and would have cost $2000 AUS (more than the macbook itself) !! So, needless to say, I was extremely glad that it died before the 1yr warranty and I ended up buying the extended AppleCare. Seems to be working okay now but who knows when the next problem will strike?!

    Anyways, thanks again! Your advice was MUCH appreciated.

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    Hey welcome here!!
    I had the exact same thing going on. Does this sound familiar... I was shutting down frequently while doing video editing then one day SHAZZAM it shuts down and I try to turn it on nothing. The white light comes on and I hear the superdrive spin up and then nothing. Blank glossy screen!! I called Apple Care and talked to them and we tried everything Pram reset firmware resets. This thing was dead in the water!! They shipped me a box and I sent it to them they replaced the logic board. Now its fine.
    Glad you got it fixed and got the Apple Care. Its saved my butt twice now!!
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