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    is a big difference between mbp and macbook c2d
    I have been borrowing a macbook pro one of the first of the batch and i have now got the cash together to buy a 2.16ghz macbook c2d is there a big performance increase between the macbook pro 2.oghz and the macbook 2.16 ghz (the macbook can take 3gb ram ). Will i know a performance increase in the macbook or is it roughly the same.Thanks for your help.


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    I just bought a MB 2.16 C2D and it seems a bit snappier than my MBP 2.0 CD is. Whether this is real or imagined I have no idea. The one thing I have noticed about using the MB that is indisputable is that the WIFI has much better range. Having twice the HD capacity of my MBP and the HD being user replaceable is icing on the cake.

    What sort of better performance are you looking for? If you are happy with how your friend's MBP runs, then the new MB certainly won't disappoint you. I have been very happy so far with my purchase.

    Honestly I love both of my portables and if you told me I could only use one I would have a very hard time deciding which one to keep. What can I say? I love all of my Macs!

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    As long as you aren't talking about 3D graphics, the MB C2D is definitely faster. I have one co-worker with a first-gen Macbook Pro and another with a first gen MB (white). I have worked on both many times and I have to say that my new BlackBook (2.16 C2D) is noticably faster at many things. Macworld has benchmarks on all of these in their review sections. Just going off my own feel, I think the C2D makes a difference.

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