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Thread: I am so disqusted at this point...

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    Well, I suggest sitting in the apple store, and messing around with things until one of your problems accur, then take it up the, that same genius, and be like: "there you have it, in yo face sucka"...or something to that extent.

    The first time, and the only time, I called apple support, I wanted to kill the guy. He was such a ******* soon as I said no, several time mind you, to buying the apple care plan, it was over...he was short with me the rest of the time..luckily it turned out I didn't really have a problem....especially after 10.3.3 came out a couple weeks later....

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    I received an email stating that the repair was complete and that they had shipped it back to me.

    To Apple's credit the box they sent was excellent and easy to pack -- however I wish they used FedEx or UPS rather than DHL (more locations on the latter).

    They turned around the fix the same day they received it -- now that is impressive.

    So I called to find out what was wrong -- and the person said they replaced the hard drive and it is all working now. So I guess all of the lock-ups and screen freezes I would periodically get was due to a bad hard drive. Finally it had a permanent failure.

    I still do not feel good about this at all as Hard Drives are for the most part rarely a problem -- but I am aware that problems can and rarely do happen.

    I noticed another post on this site whereby another user was having serious hard drive issues -- is this the most common problem with PowerBooks? Thank god that I had a couple of soft failures prior to the hard failure -- this way I was spooked and backed-up all my work. If I had lost it -- I would have been really upset.

    I am still let down by the whole service department constantly making the pitch to me that I need the Apple Care Protection -- at this point I will end up buying it due to my complete lack of confidence in this notebook. I will also be purchasing a something that makes backups easy (like hitting one button - and it goes out and backs up my files on a network). Sad that I will end up spending over 500 dollars on a very expensive notebook JUST so I can feel safe while using it over the next few years.

    I am drafting a letter to Apple explaining my disappointment in the Service I have received - Like I was saying earlier -- I am acceptable of something going wrong as it appears I am not the norm -- but they need to do something for us people in the small minority who have issues (especially within the first 90 days) -- to make up for it as the product does not operate as advertised.

    Thanks again for all your help and I hope this post helps someone in the future - atleast how to approach a similar problem.


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    I have this drive plugged into my router. I partitioned it for the 3 computers in my house and that is where I save all my data. I have yet to have to reformat or do anything with my hard drive but I just like having everything on a small hard drive that I can bring anywhere.

    You asked if this was the most common problem with PowerBooks..Well until last week I don't believe there had been one post on problems with powerbook hard drives but when there are problems they usually get a lot of attention on the boards. The most common problem that people have had with the PowerBook that I have seen is the dead/white pixels on the screen. I have had my PB for close to a year and had one dead pixel that I simply massaged for a minute with a soft cloth and it was fine.

    I do recommend the AppleCare for iBooks and PowerBooks. Back in february I put my battery back into the powerbook and jammed it in somehow. I brought it to the apple store they documented the problem and sent it out. 3 days later it returned they left me an invoice of everything they did....They basically gave me a brand new powerbook case with my internal parts and a new battery. If I didn't have applecare it would have cost me over 400 dollars for the repair
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    Thank you for the tip on hardware:-)

    After going through and setting/downloading everything how I want it -- I realized that for some reason the battery seems to be lasting longer.

    Am I imagining this or is it possible that the bad drive really weighed down the power supply?

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    It could be. If the drive motor was the problem maybe the battery was trying to give it extra juice to get it up to speed. I used my powerbook in nyc yesterday and got about 4.5 hours before I had to recharge (no airport on)
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    Okay -- Since getting my Powerbook back yesterday evening I spent 2 hours on it upgrading software -- due to Apple not putting the latest software on the unit when they shipped it back. Got home from yesterday evening and used it for email and general websurfing for about an hour.

    Turned it off so I could see my daughter off to bed. Came back down my stairs turned the unit on and BLAM! it is happening all over AGAIN!!!!!!!

    The flashing icon comes back up instead of booting like it should -- I will note that it comes up immediately as before it would come up after about 2 minutes.

    So - since I have the Apple Support phone number memorized -- I immediately call them and explain what is happening. So then the first guy switches me to another. He tries to run me through all the same old
    stuff that does nothing for this problem (ie boot off the disk and bring up disk utility -- well if the unit does not recognize the hard drive this doesn't matter).

    So as he has me walking through some boots and key holding -- he is whistling and having a jolly ol' time. Can you believe this! I did not pay 3000
    dollars for a notebook to have all these problems and then when I need help I get some schmuck whistling in between his instructions!!!

    I am sooooo fuming mad (as is my wife - not a happy household) - when I asked for the Apple tech support guys name - he would only give his first name - I felt like saying THANKS FOR THE AWARD WINNING SUPPORT!!!!

    So they are sending out ANOTHER box to ship back to them -- all within 24 hours of receiving the unit back from them "fixed".

    I know many of the people here love Apple -- as I thought being a Software Architect who is also working on his PhD. in Computer Science would find a long term partnership with Apple.

    But seriously -- I have bought hardware and electronics at a fraction of the cost of this unit and received support that I know deserves the name "Award
    Winning". I cannot remember the last time I bought a piece of computer hardware and had been so excited -- I cannot stress the sheer amount of disappointment I have with Apple's product, customer relations, and support thereof.

    I am writing all this down in a forum such as this not to offend anyone but to create a record of this customer's unsatisfactory experience.

    Unfortunately at this point I do have recourse into obtaining my money back on the purchase. Unless Apple makes SERIOUS consessions my way -- and the START would be replacing the unit -- and doing much much much more --like compensating me in some fashion for the amount B.S. I dealt with on the phone --- I will be taking my money and going back to IBM and Microsoft. I feel so bad in saying that but how could I possibly feel good about putting an important presentation on my notebook only to not have it boot
    when it is time to present - gee this will go over real well for my dissertation.

    I hope everyone receives this post with their powerbooks working flawlessly.

    One more note -- I was shocked to find that they did not offer any explanation as to their original fix. They should sent it back saying they replaced the hard drive -- when I called them to find out if they may have done anything else -- the girl on the end essentially said -- "it just says here in the computer that they replaced the hard drive and uhhhhh I guess it was just bad". --- I would not expect an answer as unconcise as this.


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    I'm really out of words Jason......I think if I was in your position as a new switcher I would probably be saying the same exact things. I've been a switcher for close to a year now with only 1 incident with AppleSupport which turned out great but your situation is unexusable.

    1-800-767-2775 is Apple's Customer Relations phone number. I would give them a call and don't hang up until they give you what you are asking for because they have really done a crap job so far with you
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    Sorry to hear of such problems. I hope they are resolved fast!

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    hey bud... from the looks of it, im guessing its more problems than your hard drive... i understand your frustration, ive had some issues with my powermac in the past... one thing that i feel apple needs to work on is their hardware... i buy apple for a good OS, and pay good money for a working machine, i expect the hardware to perform as nicely as the OS does...

    i know this has been causing you some grey hairs and such, but as you know from working with PC's, some things arent always what they seem. (ie. computer wont boot, just gives a beep, beep, beep... could mean your ram isnt seated right, could mean your video card isnt seated right, could mean the video card has gone bad..a number of things)... so as you should know, a little picture of a folder with a question mark isnt always just a bad hard drive.

    hopefully this time they just give you a whole new logic board to go along with your new hard drive, and you will be on your way to brighter days lol

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    Well, since the flashing icon comes up much faster than it used to -- I thought I would check and see if the problem is still intermittent. So, I get home from work and hit the power button -- and it has magically cured itself outside of a pop-up explaining that the date on the unit has is prior to 1992 or something to that affect.

    So I call Apple Support to tell them that it is still intermittent -- they guy was sort of short with me -- saying things like:

    "Is that all you called for?"

    So then I asked him what constitutes a unit being deemed unrepairable?

    "I am not going to get into that discussion?"

    I asked if this was policy or a personal choice?

    "You could say both - but I do not determine or make that decision"

    Can you please transfer me to someone who can answer all of my questions?

    "Please hold"

    I get a much nicer individual after waiting over 15 minutes -- I assume they were discussing my questions and a game plan (maybe I am reading into to that too much)

    This individual -- upon speaking with him -- said that no where in your case notes does it say it is intermittent. I felt like screaming -- so what about me calling on average once every 3 days makes it not intermittent? So he says I am going to put this in your notes and send out a second box for pick-up -- and that to NOT put it in the first but the second and gave me the dispatch number. Based on this -- they want to replace the logic board and a wire harness and that they have all these special tools at their disposal to figure out the problem. I quickly reminded him that this is the second trip to these great tools in one week! He was much more of a professional when talking about a replacement -- did not come out and start saying NO right off the bat like ALL the others. Did not ask me to buy Apple Protection Care. Essentially they will take another crack at fixing the unit -- if the problem persist then they will take a look at that option.

    I then moved into the topic of compensation of the fact I have had a powerbook for 3 months and not been able to really use it due to reliability. He dodged the question and spun into how we need to focus on getting this fixed first. But hey -- fixed or not -- I will be coming after them day in and day out until I get some level of compensation. Based on some actions that they will be presented with over the next couple of days -- I have a feeling that I will start to see the service we SHOULD ALL get in our time of hardware issues. I will allow everyone here to know my outcome because I do believe everything I am going through will be of significant value once the ordeal come to a conclusion -- refund, new unit, unit fixed -- whatever this may be.

    I am still working on the letter (more like a report of my experience) I am drafting and fortunately have contacted some friends in the industry and have obtained several emails to Apple's executive management. The one good thing is that I feel in a sense it was meant that I had these problems -- as I feel I can actually do something about it from the inside. Yes they will receive an outline of my experience along with detailed suggestions on how to address customers in the future who require technical assistance.

    I do want to clarify something -- Please do not read into the above like I am being arrogant and I KNOW people:-) I am only outlining how I am bringing closure and hopefully resolution to my ordeal and issues.

    On a side note -- I have to admit - as many PCs I have personally built from just purchasing parts --- I never had a problem - not once. I do consider myself lucky. But our family PC and my PC-turned-hometheater-video-scaler keep chugging right along.

    As always thanks for the advice and support - I now understand the community concept of mac:-)

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    Good luck with everything Jason...It looks like you are handling everything in a professional manner with the service techs and you are definitely getting your point across with them. I have a feeling with this servicing they will be extra careful to make things right because they realize you are on the edge
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    I know my following comment will not help too much, but I must say: Geez!
    Best of luck there, man. This whole thing is pretty ridiculous...

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    Wow....I sure hope my switching experience is nothing like that!!!!

    I'm a bit frightened now...

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    Okay! So after many phone calls and giving Apple a multitude of information I have received my unit back.

    So after calling Apple on a daily basis to get an update (their site is pretty much worthless in my opinion) - they gave me a phone number to a guy in their Houston repair facility. This gentleman was a very nice and professional individual. So a couple of days ago -- in speaking with this gentleman he voiced how they could not reproduce the problem. But the product specialist wrote out a bill to them to replace the following:

    Hard Drive
    Logic Board
    Flex Cable (connects HD to Board)

    So I told him that unless they can reproduce the problem and are 100% sure what needs to happen to fix it for good -- I WANT A NEW UNIT! He was nice about it and said he will speak to some people about this for me. So the next day the guy calls me and says -- 'Hey -- the reproduced the problem'

    Now wait -- I was not born yesterday -- So I am very suspicous of this after our previous call. He went on to say there is a problem with my logic board -- however since they have the authorization to replace the other parts they will do this as well. So I am good with this -- hey as long as it works.

    They do this and send it back to me -- so far everything is working A-OKAY. I truly hope this is the end of this post.

    I also -- said -- "To hell with it -- I will buy the dreaded Apple Care!" So yesterday I went to the store down the street from where I live and purchased the plan.

    Now -- what I am going to do is the following:

    1) Send an email to the professional who helped me over the last couple of days and CC his boss. Voicing my appreciation for his courtesy in the matter.

    2) Send a written bunch of letters - to a series of Apple Executives. As I want some form of compensation for my hugely negative experiences.

    Overall I am hoping this chapter is done and I can get down to enjoying my PowerBook.

    For anyone having problems -- I would just say -- seek out the people on the Apple Support Service who are willing to help you and are professional. If you reach someone who is not satisfying your demands -- don't yell -- just hang-up (let them think you were disconnected) -- call back and try the next person you get.

    Think Good Thoughts:-)


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    Glad to hear things are going good so far Jason.....With a replaced Logic Board, Hard drive and connector cables I can think of no ways for their to be any problems that you were having previously.....Good luck with your letters of your poor experiences and hope you enjoy your PowerBook.
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