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    Alum. Powerbook (rev b)
    Guys i noticed that aluminium powerbooks are given some sort of code, (Rev. A,B,C) i think that Rev A powerbooks are the very first alum. powerbook that came out in 2003 (ithink) and the rev. c are the latest one (1.33 ghz)

    So today i had the chance to play with a powerbook, and i must say i loved it, i was going to buy a 12" (rev.c) but after playing with a 15" i fell in love with the screen.

    So since the 15" is $1,999, plus .mac (which i'll be purchasing) it's 2,000 bucks.......and i don't have that kind of money well i do, but i need a Computer case, and i'll buy a 512 memmory stick. So even with all that if i buy the 12" it's still going to be under the 2k.

    So after thinking....a lot about it....i'd like to know the differences between the 15" rev c and the 15" rev. b the one with 1.2ghz (which are cheaper and i think i could buy for alot less that $2,000 or so i don't know) and let's assume we're talking about the CHEAPER 15". What are the diff., aside the 1.2 and 1.33 ghz dif.

    another question is: Where could i buy a 15" rev.b 1.2ghz alum powerbook? OR MAYBE a Refurbished 15" rev.c...i've tryed amazon, outpost, and all i seem to find is the newer rev.c p.b. and NO REFURBISHED powerbooks there so, if anyone could help me answering these questions i'd apretiate it very much!

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    rev b vs rev c
    15" rev b Powerbook:
    1 or 1.25ghz
    same std ram (256meg)
    Radeon 9600 w 64 meg video
    60 or 80 gig hd
    vga/s video/composite video out
    Combo drive or Superdrive

    12" rev c Powerbook
    faster frontside bus (really helps speed)
    same std ram (256meg)
    Nvidea GEForce FX Go5200 video with 64meg
    60 gig std hd
    Combo drive or Superdrive
    Airport extreme built in

    So it comes down to more speed (cache and video), airport extreme included. Other then that not much outside of the screen size. Both are great but I bought a 12" rev c with 512 added ram, and Superdrive. I really like it and they gave me a case (Mareware Sportfolio II) but I had bought a Booq Bag for it (more protection).

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    If you're really intent on the screen size..I think you'll be perfectly fine with the older 15"

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    Actually the 1GHz/1.25GHz 15" AlBook's are Rev A...They were announced in September when the 12" & 17" went Rev B.

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