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    Talking Powerbook Vs. Macbook help..???
    hey guys im a pc user wanting to go mac, i was looking around and although i know ill love mac i was wondering what you all thought about powerbooks Vs. mac books? I live in Australia, and i can buy a base model Macbook for about $1600 and ebay has Powerbooks for about $900 -$1200.

    I really like the look of powerbooks and more then like that the keypad lights up at night lol

    I was wondering weather or not you think i'll be dissapointed with the speed of an older powerbook??

    It was also a good choice as a safe guard in the event i dont like using a mac i didnt fork out $1600 only like $1000.

    thanks heaps!!

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    I guess that highly depends on what you're planning to do with your notebook. No question about it, the MB is way faster than then latest PBs. Does that mean that the PBs are useless? No.

    I mainly use FF, TB, Adium, iTunes, MS Office, QT, PhotoShop CS2, and occasionally Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I can handle all of these tasks just fine with my PB.

    Also keep in mind tha the PB screens (assumed you don't chosse the 12-inch model) are bigger than the MacBook screen.

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    it really does depend, by the powerbook is a solid piece of machinery but the technology is moving so fast that it would probably be a mistake.. i mean leopard will be out in a couple of months...

    --oh yea, ghetto kid nice photo.

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    gah, see i thought about lepoard too

    i love that the PB has a backlit keybpard too it appeals to me cause i sit up late at night typing lol

    but i dont want to spend money on a PB if i could spend an extra few hundred and just buy a brand new MB and get the joy of actually having a new MB not a second hand few years old machine that will soon be useless.

    I am only using it for music and chat, photos and silly things, nothing that will require alot of speed, but i guess at the same time i dont want to get left behind in technology

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    Macbook vs PowerbookG4? no brainer! Powerbook!

    Lepoard? The only people need worry about the new OS are the ones with 64-bit processors, such as the Core2Duo and G5 guys. Other than that, there are NO advantages over Tiger other than the "Wow new OS!!" fanboy factor.

    Ok, so I might be a little bias, I've had my powerbook for about 2 years now. So stable, everything from the apps to OS are native PPC. This thing still rocks. (15", 1.67ghz, 2gb ram, 128mb ATI)

    Left behind in technology, naaa, don't worry about it. Powerbooks have all the bells and whistles as macbooks: Bluetooth, WiFi internet, DVD burners... Plus things macbooks DON'T have: Firewire800, Dial-Up internet ready...

    Performance wise, I'd still take the PB. Macbooks ship with some weak integrated intel graphics card. PB's have dedicated ram ATI chips with more memory. And unless your apps are "universal", speed is noticeably SLOWER on macbooks.

    You will definitely get more enjoyment out of the money you will save than knowing your computer has an intel chip.

    And having a computer that adjusts both screen AND keyboard brightness to ambient light is just plain ****, get the POWERBOOK!

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