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    Powerbook AC Adapter
    Has anyone else having issues with the power cord on the new ibook and powerbook battery chargers. Iíve found with mine that at the square white box on the small wire end going to the laptop just as it leaves the box it is all loose and falling out. Apple store says they wont cover it under wear and tear unless i purchased the laptop threw a its either buy a new one..or hack this one.

    What Iím wondering has anyone taken one of these AC adapters apart yet that could possible guide me where to prey and such, or if their are any tricks and tips i should know.

    thanks in advance

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    heh, my best answer, would be unplug it when your working on it, bevery carful to study it before you start touching things, only do what you set out to do, do alot of trial and error, and keep in mind the less you do the most likely it is to still working, you can always go back in.

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    yah...i took a couple mins at er with a skinny straight head screw driver...i was able to get the 2 like loops for the cable to wrap around..but that was it...i dont really feel like cracking alot of plastic...unless i scrap that whole case entirely and make my own like plastic shell for it to be enhoused.

    anyone have any ideas...attache'd is a picture of my problem...if you notice the black there on the white wire that is actual bare wires that are starting to sneak out so its kinda a rush thing for me to do this...

    anyone seen a take apart guide for this type of thing ..... ?
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    From what I see some carefully applied elecrical tape may help, no?

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    The easiest fix, is to tape up the bare wire with electrical tape. Next you need to reduce the stress on that end of the cable. One way would be to wrap the wire around the plastic box one time and time it down, so that repaired end does not move. The other way is to so out a buy a replacement.

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    i guess but im not sure if its at that point where the problem is or if its inside..a quick solder might be just wath the doctor called for...but good call with the everything but that
    neways thanks a tone folks and if anyone does come across some kind of a guide for opening that charger up please share PLEASE

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    Question AC adapter polarity
    I have a Titanium 677. The cable of my adapter is broken in correspondence of the "jack" that enters in the PB. I can repair it but I don't what is the polarity scheme to join the cable to this jack, I don,t want to invert it.
    Sorry for my terrible english.
    Thanks in advance

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