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    SHOULD i
    OK HERE IS THE DEAL i AM DOING A POSSABLE TRADE WITH MY UNCLE FOR MY 3 MONTH OLD TOSHIBA LAPTOP,AND SOME HARD LABOR FOR A POWERBOOK 12" stock. I have wanted it forever, and my recent powerbook freak accident, WELL I am in need of a mac. THE THING IS AFTER THE RECENT UPGRADE iT HAS BECOME A EVEN GREATER VALUE. SO IS THERE ANY OTHER REASON FOR ME TO DO THIS, CAUSE I FEEL KINDA BAD, BUT i REALLY WONT THE POWERBOOK. I will mainly be using it for web surfing, video editing, to and from school use when my school ibook breaks down, god forbid, dvd watching and gaming.

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    Just the mention of video editing points toward the Powerbook, I think. If a trade of a pc notebook and some hard work will get it for ya, I think that sounds good...

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