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    ibook restore help

    downgraded from os10.3.3 to os10.3 to get a peice of software working again, and now have a tiny screen!! apple site says i have to use original restore discs, and the but is... its a secondhand computer, i used mmy own panther discs to revert and am now stuck with this screen problem. Can anyone advise on how to recover this, or is there somewhere where i could buy a set of original discs ?

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    This may be one for an Apple shop since you don't have the CDs

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    You can use your own panther CD's to do a clean install of Panther but you will lose all of your files

    put the cd in
    restart the computer
    hold down C as soon as the computer starts booting
    when you get to select a drive click install options and do a clean install
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