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    cleaning macbook white?

    i have had my macbook for a month or so now and was reading about cleaning macbooks.

    what is best to use to clean the inside and external areas of the white macbooks?

    anything to avoid?


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    i use mr. cleans magic eraser. with a little scrubbing, it works great. also, is your macbook used, or are you the first owner? i had mine for about 9 months and it was showing some serious discoloration. i took it into apple, and two days later i had a brand new case that (isnt suppose to) doesnt stain. apparently, apple is replacing the cases with some new plastic composite that doesnt stain as easily. if it is though, make an appoitment with the nearest apple store, and take it in. it was no questions asked, and the case was replaced even with the most minimal stains. the gentleman at apple that helped me said the swap was about $250, making the apple care well worth it if you end up replacing the case due to staining a few times in that 3 year time frame with your apple care.

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    i have apple care and i am the first owner so i should be ok with discoloration.

    its just white means it will eventually get a little dirty.

    i heard some use mr cleans magic eraser but i don't think thats available in the UK.

    anyone know what the brand is called in the UK?

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    if you can find a similar, nonfoaming replacement for it i would recommend that without a doubt. Makes it look like new

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    mr clean magic eraser

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