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Thread: Safari sometimes turns text into gibberish

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    Safari sometimes turns text into gibberish
    Sometimes when I'm browsing sites online, the text will turn into gibberish.

    An example of the gibberish is: Fcvkpi"(Rgtuqpcnu Gpvgtavckpogpv

    basically, it seems to have problems reading text sometimes... does anyone know whats up? I've never had this problem when using Safari on my G5.

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    Yes, I was wondering this too. I initially corrected the problem I was having by changing Safari's default font (from whatever it was to Apple LiGothic, one of my favorite fonts). I still see the scrambled text occasionally though.

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    Have you tried making adjustments in the preferences appearances?

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    i tried making font adjustments in Safari preferences and Appearance settings and nothing worked. Even asked the guy at the Apple store genius bar and they don't know whats up.

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    that has happened to me before when i click on a link that is supposed to download a file (usually a torrent) i just ctrl click and select save as so it downloads
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    Ok, now I figured out a good way to fix this. Whenever I see a scrambled font, I copy and paste it into a program where I can easily identify it. I use Adobe InDesign 2.0. Once I know the exact font it is, I open Font Book and disable it. I've done it twice and haven't seen the problem since.

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