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    Weird sounds when inserting disc
    When I stick a dvd or any disc into the drive slot it makes weird sounds like a vhs recording or rewinding. Being the fact that i have never owned an mac before i was wondering if this is normal or if it suppose to be seamless.

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    It's a common sound. No issues there. I was a bit curious about it when I first got mine but after confirming it with multiple people I have found that it is a common sound associated with mounting the disc in the slot so nothing to worry about.
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    Hehe I made a thread about this too! So long as it's quiet during playback and there's no dodgy noises then be at ease! Everything is fine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyinginavan View Post
    Hehe I made a thread about this too! So long as it's quiet during playback and there's no dodgy noises then be at ease! Everything is fine!

    See the thread referred too.......
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    i was worried to begin with when that crunching noise happened when putting it in.

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    Unfortunately, the MB isn't designed with noise insulation that well, in regard to the CD drive. It's normal, no need to worry.

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