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    Swollen Battery and Poor CPU Performance
    Hello, my first post, and my first problem with my MacBook Pro

    It's less than a year old, and I woke up this morning to see that the battery was swollen and coming apart. I have heard about this being a not uncommon problem with MacBooks, but a search on this forum didn't get me anywhere.

    What can I do?! My poor baby is swelling so much that I just took the battery out and am running on plugin power only.

    Also, my CPU seems to be working very poorly since the battery issue. Last night all was well, but this morning not even my simple recordings in Reason 3.0 and Cubase Studio 4 will play without clogging the CPU, even with a HUGE buffer.

    Are there any suggestions? I have an extended 3 year warrenty. I bought the laptop from about 10 months ago. What can I do? I need my laptop working again ASAP, because I use it for mobile recording!

    Thank you
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    Hey, you most likely can get a free battery replacement from an Apple store/service tech since the MBP should still be under warranty. As per the CPU performance, the processor clock speed gets clocked down when you are running without a battery to prevent over stressing the AC adapter, so as soon as you get a new battery, that should be taken care of. Good luck!

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    It's less than a year old
    Simple, take it to your friendly neighborhood Apple Store and get it fixed/replaced. And in case you didn't it might be a good idea to purchase an Applecare plan while you're there, just in case!
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    thanks for the replies!

    I was really worried about the CPU performance, but not so much anymore! New battery tomorrow then!

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    funny how no one still has really realized this...
    take the battery out with ac plugged in, and with cordduotemp running.

    cpu (at least mine) drops from 2.16 to 1ghz MAX

    needs the battery to run full speed i guess.

    is your abttery working? if not, this is the exact problem
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