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    help help help help!!!!
    The screen on my 14'1" iBook cracked, looong story, do any of you guys know of any places besides ebay that i cuold get a replacement screen for it? and is installing a new screen very hard?

    ps:i hooked my ibook up to an external monitor so im typing on it still right now, sorry for the sloppy punctuation, im about to go to bed

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    um... well i suggest trying to get apple to replace it...

    i have a feeling that you are looking at paying a LOAD of money for the screen... and yea, its going to be hard to do if youve never taken apart a computer before or anything.... if you know what you're doing, and can follow instructions from the replacement screen, it wont be too hard i would presume

    try that out... dunno if those are good prices or not though

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    well, the apple store is a start...possible try comp usa?.....or look online at apple.....otherwise....he, ebay works....your paying for it doesn't sound like a hardware or malfunction problem from the way you talk aobut, that doesn't leave you with nearly as many options....I would think it's a bit of a pain to replace them yourself, but doable..I'm sure there are places online that can help you find that out....good luck with that, it's no fun at all.

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    been there done that. ya see all this stuff hapends to me, but I dont pay anything great school system, anyway, you can send it to apple they dont replace the screan they just replace the glass and replace the gel packets. trust me I have seen it all when it comes to broken ibooks. iT WILL COST LIKE, FOR YOU 300 IF YOUR LUCKY.

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