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    Question macbook up in smoke
    My 03 Macbook started to smoke from the right hinge(facing the screen)The screen has always been overly sensitive,When I move it forward slightly it goes into sleep mode.I have called several places including Apple and they want to charge me 300$ to look at the problem. Should I just buy a new laptop or spend the $$ to fix my problem child.

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    There was no 2003 MacBook.
    Do you mean iBook?
    Whatever the case, if it is from 2003 then any warranty you had, extended or otherwise is done.
    I would say save the cash and get a new computer. $300 for a simple consultation is way too expensive.
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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, donnat.

    If it is an iBook you own, check the serial number of your laptop with the ones in this list from Apple's Battery Exchange Program iBook G4 and PowerBook G4.

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    Lets calculate:
    (Smoke + 2003 iBook) + unknown possible expense + function(300 dollar saving) = new computer
    Best of luck!

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    yes i agree, go for the new one. no telling what its going to cost to fix the one you have...and plus... you have a good excuse to go but a new MacBook.

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    thank you
    Thank you all for the info. I guess it's a new Mac for me.
    Now I just have to decide which Mac to choose.

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    I know u already made up ur mind, but I had to throw on more Vote in there

    Go For A NEW MAC..

    You won't be disappointed. Not sure if u can wait for another week for the new relases.

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    Actually I vote that you buy TWO new Macs. My shipping address (for the spare) is......................

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnat View Post
    Thank you all for the info. I guess it's a new Mac for me.
    Now I just have to decide which Mac to choose.
    Go for a MacBook. There has been threads on the advantage of MacBooks against MacBook Pro.

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    dont forget to extract the hard drive from your old mac and use it for external storage.

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