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    Aug 12, 2006
    Replacing Hard drive problem. HELP !!!!
    This Question is for Macbook not Macbook pro.
    I just ordered a new hard drive for my MacBook. It's Hitachi Model # HTS541616j9sa00. When I removed the old hard drive from my Macbook I notice there's 4 male connector pins the left hand side of the drive while the New Hitachi has none. I assume that must be the optional power connector.
    I installed the new drive and the Macbook is not recognizing it. When I boot up all I see on the screen is a folder with a question mark.
    Am I getting the wrong drive? Macbook does not support SATA power connector?

    Frustated man

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    Aug 12, 2006
    I'm able to get into profiler and saw my hard drive there it show the model number and capacity of my hard drive.
    But I guess it must be formatted by mac so the Mac would recognize it.
    I'm still new with Mac. Here's what I did. I inserted Mac installation disc in and start installing and stuck at where what volume I need to install my Mac in because it shows that I have no hard drive. I thought that Mac tell me that it's a new hard drive and need to be formatted first.

    Well, At least I know that the hard drive is working it just need to be formatted prior installing OSX

    Could someone help me with that


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    Aug 12, 2006
    Problem solved.
    I monkey around and went into Disc utilities and erase the hard drive. Once I did that the hard drive showed up and it's now installing the operating system as we speak.

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