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    Closed screen (closed lid) sensor

    I am new on this forum!

    I have a question about my macbook pro:
    When I close the screen, it don't suspend my macbook.

    I can suspend it by going to the apple menu but not when I close the screen.

    The screen don't even shut down when I close it.

    I think it's a problem with the sensor that detects when the screen is closed or opened.

    Can anybody help me about that?


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    take it to apple and let them fix it if it still under warranty, seems like a locking issue or sensor problem..

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    How does the MacBook sense if the lid is closed? There doesn't seem to be a mechanical switch as on my last laptop.

    Probably a magnetic sensor? Where are the magnets located, anyway?

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    Try in energy savings see of you can see anything.

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