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    Question Importance of RAM Specs in upgrading
    Ok, I just re-entered MacLand after serveral Macless years... bought a used 15" G4 Powerbook but it only has 512MB of RAM and I think I need more.

    I know, when upgrading PCs, the RAM specs don't make a difference as long as they are better than your current memory.

    The RAM in my Powerbook are 2x 256MB PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SDRAM. I don't have to buy the same speed, do I?

    When upgrading I can get a Kingston 1GB 667Mhz SODIMM? As long as it is pin compliant IE also DDR and not DDR2, it doesn't matter that it is 667Mhz does it?


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    A faster clock speed rating of the RAM sticks will not matter, they will all run at speeds slower than their rating.

    Everything else must be compatible.

    Don't know that you will find any DDR memory faster than PC2700 though.
    According to my memory (I am getting senile, so could be wrong), the top speed memory for DDR is PC3200. This was also the starting point for DDR2.

    If you found some Kingston DDR at 667, would strongly suggest you verify this at Kingston's site, not at the distributors site.

    Still don't know that I would stick that RAM in your notebook since you'll definitely not be doing any overclocking on your Mac.

    edit: Yep, just checked Kington's site, they have no DDR sticks listed above PC3200.
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    Thanks Bobtomay. I thought that was the case, but it is good to know. I'll just make sure I get DDR1 and it'll all be good.

    Thanks again

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