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Thread: Mac Book PRO >> rebooting all the time

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    Question Mac Book PRO >> rebooting all the time
    Hi everyone. i have been looking for a mac related forum to get help regarding my mac book pro. so i registered here if anyone can help me out.
    well currently I own a really powerfull Windows Media Center and a Mac Book PRO, I Love my both systems so much!! but reacently my mac started giving me so much problems.

    Well the main most annoying problem is its rebooting when ever i turn it on, sometimes at the mac loading screen or when im working on something, BUTT only when its unplugged, theres nothing wrong with the battery life, the battery life is always around 90%-100%. I have no idea whats going on with this. is it because of a loose connection with it? a lost file? can someone help me with this?

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    are you still under warranty?

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