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    Colour Difference - Glossy Screen
    Recently invested in a 15" MBP and love it. Love the OS. One gripe I do have is the colour difference it has. For example, I create something in photshop with a block colour background hex value of #13171b, then I use the same hex to give a webpage the same colour background so it blends in nicely.

    Unfortunatley, I get this outcome.. ( Now this is going to be weird cause im not sure whether some of you will see it, if what you see doesnt look like the colour is off, please tell me and I will take a screenshot. But you shouldnt be able to see the edge of the image section of the webpage. Unfortunatley, I can.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I see the color difference, and think I know the reason too:

    When you make an image with photoshop, it's saving it with an embedded colour profile. Some (not all) browsers respect this profile, so they'll try to display the colours as they were originally intended. The won't do the same for the background colour though (no colour profile there) - hence the difference.

    This blog post has more info:

    Oh an btw: evolewtion? Really?

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    Hmm I have this same problem, I'll create something in photoshop using the WEBSAFE color #000033 which is also set as the background of the page. I save as PNG with no color profile and it comes out lighter than the surrounding background, even saved as a JPG with a browser that respects the color profile it comes out lighter. I think photoshop just hates us web designers.

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    I see the color difference with my non glossy screen. Having a glossy screen is not good for graphics related work as it doesn't display your work in its true form because it does affect the way it looks(ie making it look better than it actually is). In your case its probably a combination of the problem aptmunich pointed out and your glossy screen.

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    Apparently (I have checked) this problem only occurs when using Safari, I looked on Firefox and it displays perfect.. should have centered it though

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