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    Just ordered my new powerbook
    Hey guys (and gals) just wanted to let everybody know that I just placed my order for my graduation present. A new PB 1.5 ghz and 15gb iPod.

    Anybody have any ideas of when it could arrive? Ordered tonight and live in Arkansas.

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    Congratz! Get the tracking number - Apple usually ships Fed Ex

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    Hey, I just ordered mine as well (actually, just received it). I also ordered some other small things with it, choosing Apple's free shipping. I received the small things the very next day. I placed my order around 4:30PM. I was suprised to say the least.

    Then, the wait for my PowerBook was about a week. The wait really wasn't shipping. I had to wait for Apple to build it (if you look on the left, you can see it's not the basic setup). Just got my book on Friday, the 7th. Couldn't be happier.

    But ya, just check your order status at
    As soon as it ships your tracking # will be there.

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    I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago, and it shipped directly from Shanghai, China via Fedex. It took about 2-3 days to process the order, then another 3 days for shipping to San Francisco.

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    Mine is due to arrive this morning. I had to wait about 4 business days for it to ship (I have the 9700 Pro), and then FedEx is 2 business days (although I did have to wait over the weekend). What you have to watch out for is FedEx Ground....worst service ever. When I ordered my In-Ear Headphones, it took TEN business days to get here, AFTER Apple shipped them. Horrendous.

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