i know this sounds overkill. id like to buy a sleeve for a celly bag. i really like the look of a celly bag and i think im getting one. for the sleeve, i was thinking, instead of getting the normal sleeve, id get a stm alley. plus i could stuff some accessories inside the stm, so its like an all-in-one sleeve. what i am not sure if the stm alley with a macbook inside will fit inside the celly bag.

heres the dimensions:

stm alley: 250 x 325 x 40 mm
celly bag: 350 x 390 x 65 mm

the difference: 100 x 65 x 25mm (or 3.9 x 2.55 x .98 in)

seeing the difference, its like it could fit but im not so sure if the macbook inside the stm alley still could fit in celly bag.

heres the stm alley and celly bag pics:

stm alley with macbook inside:

celly bag: