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Thread: Cleaning Macbook

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    Cleaning Macbook
    As the topic implies, I'm looking for ways to clean my white macbook. I've been using the magic eraser and it's done a decent job. However, it doesn't seem to clean the trackpad that well. There's always this oily residue that remains. I'm pretty sure it's the natural oils from my fingers, but I was wondering if there was anyway to remove that. Thanks in advance.

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    I use iKlear on my black macbook and it makes it look really nice IMO. A bit on the pricey side but it works good.

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    Bleach might do the trick. Spray a towel and not the computer. Do it lightly. I've gotten some really nasty stains off iBooks before with bleach. The trackpad, I've never cleaned. My advice does not offer any sort of warranty, so use with caution. But that really goes with any sort of liquid cleaner on electronics.

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