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    May 24, 2007
    PB G4 Bootup issue - HD not spinning up
    This has happened in the past and I ran a test through Disk Utility a few days ago. It found an error, fixed it through fsck and reported it good to go. It finally shut down on it's own 2 days ago while disconnected from the AC adapter and I haven't been able to boot up since.

    It gives me the chime sometimes. It gives me the "invalid memory access" on Open Firmware sometimes. Sometimes it does nothing but turn the fan on.

    I would love to take it to a Mac repair store but I'm in the southern California desert and the nearest one is 30 minutes away which is literally open 4 hours a week (no, really...literally).

    I thought (prayed) it might be the pram battery going dead, but I haven't a clue. I'd hate to think I have a bad HD but it has been doing this seldomly for about a year (maybe once every couple months). Just a quick pram/nvram reset and a few reboots usually did the trick. Not this time.

    I find it extremely odd that it did this just a couple days after I ran the test.

    Thank you in advance for any help


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    Oct 08, 2007
    I'm having seemingly the exact same problem.. So I was just wondering if you ever determined what was wrong, and how you went about fixing it? (I assume its a nonissue now since the post date is from so long ago)

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