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Sassy Mac 05-22-2007 10:21 PM

Networking bt iBook G4 & PC
I have a iBook G4 and my fiancee has a PC with vista. I am trying to pass the WoW patch to him through the network file public. I however cannot connect directly to him and he can't access my computer. Everytime we try password prompts come up for mysterious passwords that we dont even know. I was wondering if there was anyway to do away with these pseudo passwords and place the file in his public folder. Or if he can hook into my little network on my laptop so he can grab the file off of my comp. Please Help! :(

Kyomii 05-23-2007 03:11 AM

Basically, you cannot just drop files into the public folder unless you have physically networked the machines.

If both are connected to a router, you can network via this. Otherwise you have to get them to talk to each other via a network cable.

Then you need to enable file sharing and ensure both systems are in the same group on the network.

This may give you some idea once you have physcially networked them.

If you do a search on this forum, there should be plenty of information available :)

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