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    Can I install this memory (help please?)

    I need to upgrade my memory on my Intel Core Duo 2 ghz Macbook. I came across this on Ebuyer and it seems to fit the bill, but I want to make sure it will be ok before I go ahead and buy it!

    Can anyone offer some help please?



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    Sorry man, the picture makes it clearly look like desktop memory. That would not fit into your macbook .

    From that same site, maybe this would work.

    I don't know £ conversion, but that looks like ALOT. If you can buy from somewhere else, check this out.


    P.S. Now that I look further into that site, while the 2GB (2x1GB) set is 200 pounds, a single stick (1GB) is only like 20 or 30. They aren't matched, but someone else here might be able to tell you if that matters or not.

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    is what crucial reccomends, looks the same no?

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    Its the size of the stick

    You are browsing in desktop memory, not laptop memory

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    Ok, thanks

    I need a cheap upgrade, so i'll keep on looking, thanks

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    Try this:

    25 for 1GB sticks.

    Not exactly nippy RAM but even CL5 is faster than a hard disk

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